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Hello, I have a question about some bite I've been getting. I have no clue to what biting me and I checked for obvious insects like bed bugs, mosquitos, etc. The bite appear on my legs and sometimes arms. There not in clusters but in random spots. The bump forms a whit head and oozes clear liquid if popped. It itches but dissepears in like 5 days but some new ones will appear some where else. It you can help me identify this bug I will be very grateful. Thank you for your time.

Ir might not be bug bites.  It might be a skin allergy to something like clothes-washing detergent, soap, etc.  Have you recently chaged the brand of soap you use in the shower or to wash your clothes?  Try running the clothes through an extra clear-water rinse after the normal cleaning cycle.  Or try a different detergent for clothes-washing.  Ivory Snow is well-known for not causing allergies, in contrast with normal detergents which cause allergies in many people.

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