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Hello -

Last night I saw in my backyard a very strange insect (or lizard?). It had tail pincers (like an earwig), the body and legs of a lizard and a very strange, BIG head. I have a picture of it but I see no attach-picture options in here. Can you tell me, please, what I've seen, exactly?

Thank you!


When you click on "ask a question", you generally get a option below the body of the text, saying "attach an image" in blue.

I would like to see the image if you have it before commenting on the description you have provided, because i cannot seem to categorize any insect based on the description. Maybe it is more-so common in your part of the world than in Asia.

Generally, you can tell an insect from a reptile by counting the number of legs: 3 pairs of legs (6 legs), means it is an insect. If there are 4 pairs of legs (8 legs) it is an Arachnid. If there are only 4 legs with digits, then it could be a reptile.

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