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There's these flies all over my house that I've never seen before. They're smaller than house flies but bigger than gnats, and as far as looks they look just like drain flies but I really can't tell if that's what it is. They're just always sitting on my walls in rooms of my house, mostly the kitchen. They're easy to kill and as far as I know harmless but there's a lot of them and I find myself killing atleast 10 daily. I've added a picture to see if you could help me find out what it is and possibly help me get rid of it. These things are driving me crazy.  Thank you so much!

You are correct, Brianna. These are drain flies. To get rid of them you must locate the source. Start be treating all drains, sick,tub,laundry etc. Use an enzyme/bacterial drain cleaner drain cleaner and cover the drain.  You might want to try something like strong  drano first as enzyme cleaners are quite expensive.Let me know if this works.

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