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I live in north western Vermont. In a. Log home surrounded by thousands of acres of hardwoods. I recently have seen articles on the Ash Boring beetle and I realize at this time they are not in Vermont - yet. I recently saw a fluorescent beetle crawling away from me and I could not catch it or see the full bug. (I have to use crutches to get around so I'm not very quick). But it was about 2 inches long and a brilliant fluorescent color. The info sheet I saw was predominately a pix in the moth stage and a small pix as a beetle. What other types of bugs/beetles are this color.  Thank you very much for doing this type of info sharing.  Gene



There are many, many insects that are metallic green or bright green in color, so I can't really help you.  The Emerald Ash Borer is pretty small, though, and not readily noticeable.  I suspect it was actually a Six-spotted Tiger Beetle, Cicindela sexguttata , that you saw.  They are very common at this time of year on woodland paths:


Note the six white spots are difficult to see, and sometimes absent altogether.


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