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Was told I had seborrhea dermatitis. Took a picture of my scalp and found these bugs. They have burrowed under my skin and are everywhere. eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, all gone. Feel them in my throat and ear canals.Feels like I'm being wrapped in a cocoon. Completely baffled and other symptoms as well. Fine reddish colored hairs tunneling under my skin where ever these things go.I feel like a freak. 3 doctors and no relief. Cant deal with the burning biting and itching.

Sorry, the photos are too grainy for me to see much.  Sometimes people can catch mange from their pets.  Mange is a skin condition where tiny little mites burrow into the skin and it itches.  Did you go to a dermatologist?  They can take a scraping of your skin and look at it under a microscope.  If there are mites, they will see the mites.  Mites look like tiny little aphids.  

A cream that you rub on the skin can be helpful, whether you have dermatitis, mange, or other itchy skin condition.  Different creams treat different skin conditions.  Some dermatologists have gone their entire careers without ever seeing a case of mange, since it usually is something veterinarians deal with.

Suggest you try the cream the doctor gave you, and perhaps seek a fourth opinion from a dermatologist.  If you live near a large university teaching hospital, try a dermatologist there.  Large university teaching hospitals tend to see a wider variety of ailments than regular doctors.  

It is also possible that you just have dry skin that has been overly irritated by constant scratching and rubbing.  Putting a simple moisturizing lotion on it, covering with cotton clothing and NOT SCRATCHING OR RUBBING for several days may allow the skin to heal itself.  

Good luck.

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