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South FL mystery bug
South FL mystery bug  
Dear Mr. Hintz,

Within the past two days, we have had an influx of these insects in our home in south Florida. They are about 1 cm or so in length, an orange-brownish color with thin, black wings. They gravitate toward light. We've tried searching online to determine what they are with no success. Could you please help us out with the identification? Thanks so much for your help!


Hi Jessica
It is difficult to identify beetles form photos but this looks like a Soldier beetle. O cannot see the orange in the photo. Is it along the sides or on the head?
It belongs to the Family Cantheridae. These beetles are beneficial to farmers as they eat a lot of different insect pests. I cannot explain why they have appeared in large numbers in your house. It is unusual for them to be in houses. Do you have some farms near by.  Sometimes farmers release them in large numbers  

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