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I am from Nashville Tennessee and I been living in an older model town home. I have been here for less than a year and have not seen these small insects until the last two months. I started seeming them in my bathroom and now I have began to see them in other parts of the home (other bathroom, kitchen, bedroom). I am not sure if they are attracted to water or if they slowly spreading to other rooms in the house. I tried o spray and yes, they have been dying, but I have been seeing a lot of them still alive. I have only seen them crawl on the ground, but thus morning found one of the bathroom wall and have also found them on my sink and in the tub. I am not sure if they are resorting to the wall because we sprayed the ground, but seeing how many I cleaned up off the bathroom floor is ridiculous! If someone could please help me identify them, I would defiantly sleep better at night.

I have observed them to be dark brown or almost black. They are so tiny, you have to really be looking to see them because they come off as such a black speck. They move pretty slow and observed when I got one on a tissue and it was rolled onto its back, it could not get up. They have antennas and I am unsure of his many legs but if I could guess I would say four to six since they are so small to see. It doesn't look like an ant because they have more of a shell.

If anymore information is needed please let me know, but I would love to get some answers!

Hi Angelyn
These are definitely beetles and they look a lot like pantry pests. Look through your cupboards and in all the cereals and other dried foods If you see empty the cupboards,clean them out and use a pyrethrum based spray. I assume they are not biting you.
You have to locate the source to get rid of them

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