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I have millions of little crawly bugs that resemble weevils. Like wheat weevils. They are not by any food source, and they were not killed by freezing temperatures this past winter.
Every year they start earlier in the year (residence is Bicknell, Utah).
These things start out as a larvae approximately 3 cm and leave their skins behind and either die or go to a beetle stage in the summer.
I have tried bleach, lysol, various poison sprays as well as oils.
I cannot identify the source (they are in a wooden cupboard with a particle board shelves and flooring).
They like fabric (like dish towels) and even the kitchen utensil drawers.
I vacuum. I sweep. The next morning, there are thousands of them on the floor, by the base of the cupboards.
I have taken off the baseboard covers and again, I cannot identify the food source.

Hi Diena
I am kind of at a loss here. They do sound like dermestid beetles.  weevils have a snout. Identifying them will not solve the problem and usually in cases like this you have to find out the source in order too get rid of them. Bleach and lysol will not work. Try some boric acid powder , Diatomaceous Earth or a spray with Pyrethrum in all the cracks. If this fail I am going to suggest something I rarely ever do and that is hire an exterminator. But be careful if you do and check them out first and ask for a guarantee. I do not trust most of these companies because I have found that many of them cannot tell one bug from another.  Be sure that do not use any chemicals that are toxic to people and pets.
I think you need somebody to inspect the area. That is something I cannot do.  Good Luck. Keep me informed

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