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Mystery bug
Mystery bug  
I live in Huntington Beach, CA, and recently I was home sick all day and started to notice a weird scratching noise in my room, hours later while I was up and about I noticed this bug I have never seen before hanging out on my bed. It had 6 legs and long antennae, no wings and the body including the head was approximately 1.5"
Normally I would just get rid of bugs or spiders in my room but I had never seen this before. Just want to make sure it's not an infestation type of bug as I've spent a little bit of time trying to identify it on my own and have come up empty. Thanks in advance for any kind of help you can provide!

Dear Lauren - Your uninvited 'house guest' is a long-horned wood-boring beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). It is nothing to be concerned about as it will not damage or infest anything in your home. Simply scoop it into a container and escort it outside. These beetles do have strong jaws (they do chew wood, after all...) and can give you a painful bite if you handle one carelessly.
Hope this helps,

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