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QUESTION: Yes hi, my question is are shower mites real and do they feed/bite on humans? My reason for asking is that a friend of mine and myself have the same kinda rash/bite marks, that were not there before the shower. when i went into the shower not a mark, however right before i was finished and about to turn the water off i had a sudden itch and rash that appeared from thin air it seems. It looks like mosquito bites or even flea bites and itch like crazy. Can you tell me what it could be cause i don't like bugs let alone in my shower. thank you Jason.

ANSWER: There is no such thing as "shower mites".  Someone may have an allergic reaction to the soap, shampoo, or other chemicals in the bathroom.  The detergent used to launder the towels and clothing also may trigger an allergic reaction.  Consult a dermatologist if it continues.

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QUESTION: Well thats some-what of a relief to know that i was right about shower mites even being real which they are not. Now as for my fallow up question n for your knowledge in regards to the soap answer, its not the soap or detergant. This i know cause we have used the same of all the above mentioned and never nothing of the sort. Its happening to myself, my wife as well as a friend of ours who we stay with. So if you could possiblely look into it a little better, i would appreciate it. Because your response is what anyone with common sence would say. So again thank-you for your time in looking into this for me and my wife. Thanks again, Jason B.  

It still might be soap or detergent.  Companies change the stuff they put in their products.  Try washing towels in just plain water, and using a hypoallergenic soap and/or shampoo.  Have you had a pest control company in recently to spray for bugs?  Lots of other possible environmental factors, including mites from a dog or cat.

Could also be a food allergy.  If it continues, contact a dermatologist.  

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