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closer picture of bug
closer picture of bug  

two of the bugs
two of the bugs  
I live in Western Oklahoma and in the past few days I have found lots of these small bugs roaming around on my patio.  They are really small about the size of a brown tick.  They are black but have a red section at the back end of the bug.  In the red section, it looks like it has a small black dot.  At first, I thought they were some kind of ladybug, but they don't have the hard shell of a ladybug or beetle.  I can't tell if they have wings but I haven't noticed any of them flying.  I also thought they could be burrowing bugs, but I read online that those insects have spines on the leg segments, and I don't see that on these insects.  I'm just worried they will cause damage to my herbs, flowers, and vegetables that I have growing around my patio.  I tried to get the best picture possible, but these bugs are really small, and quite the fast mover.


I think these are immature true bug (Hemiptera) but I can't see enough detail to id further. They probably won't damage your landscape plants but if you see large numbers on plants they can be sprayed with insecticidal soap (see or even just plain water.

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