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Tonight as I laid down for bed I was setting my alarm on my cell phone and I noticed a small black bug on my screen.  Then there was another one and then another one.  I got back up and turned on the light and there were several of these tiny black bugs that were about the size of a pin head on my pillow and on my bed.  They were moving, not very fast however, and they seemed to be everywhere.  They were so small that I couldn't make out how many legs they have or if they have antennas.  Any idea what kind of bug that I may be dealing with, and how do I go about getting rid of them?  My first thought was bed bugs, and so I researched them first.  I really don't think that I am dealing with bed bugs.  These tiny black bugs in no way resemble any of the pictures that I seen of a bed bug.  Please help!

Hi Amanda
These are probably beetles but without seeing one I cannot be sure. If they were bedbugs you would be bitten so they seem to be harmless. To get rid of them you must find out where they are coming from. If you can give more information about I might be able to identify them. If you can get a photo I can enlarge it when I view it. You can safely use a pyrethrum based spray wherever they congregate. To make sure they are not pantry pests check all opened dried foods in you cupboards

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