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I live in Georgia and I live in a rented property.  Therefore I'm not sure how long these insects have been at this home. I have a lot of these tiny grey insects with black stripes. Unless you're looking for them it's very hard to see them.They are primarily on an old raised deck, part of which is painted white. That's where I took the picture other wise you can't see them. They mostly walk around but when approached it looks like they jump. After looking at my pics with a higher resolution it appears there might be two different insects. Please tell me what they are and what I can do to rid of them. I have sprayed the entire deck with Black Flag but I think they are hiding inside the wood until it's ok to come out because they are back the very next day.  Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi Dennis
I believe these are Collembola commonly called Springtails and there appears to be two different species.They have a spinelike trigger device under the abdomen  and when disturbed thye releas it and it shoots them up in the air. It is like droppin a mousetrap
They are among the most numerous insects on Earth appearing on very continent. They even appear on snow where they are called snowfleas They appear sporadically in huge numbers and rapidly disappear. Thjey are harmless feeding on bacteria and debris. Do not waste your time spraying toxins as they cannot harm the deck. Just hose them of if they bother you.

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