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Bug whole body
Bug whole body  

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bug head  
I have some small bugs that I am finding crawling around my bathroom floor.  They seem to prefer the dark as they hide under things.  They can jump 1-2 inches along the ground and are themselves just over 1 mm.  Apparently they are covered with tiny hairs.  I took some microscope images and accidentally squashed it a little bit...oh and yes they are very easy to squash and then leave behind a gray mush when squashed.  If these images aren't enough I can try and drown another one tonight(they DO NOT sit still) and get more images tomorrow.  Also they flee to the baseboards when I start squashing them with my fingertip.

Hard to tell from the photos, but they look like fleas.  Do you have a dog or cat?  You can catch a few in a ziplock bag and take them to a licensed pest control operator.  You can also spritz them with hairspray or deodorant to catch them, unsquished.

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