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I work in a older wing of a hospital. About 2 weeks ago I was bit on my check at work. The only thing I can think of when I open the curtains or go into the closet to hang up clothes there have been small yellow spiders that jump at any movement around them,consequently I have gotten about 17 bites. I live in the Niagara Region. When speaking with Public Health in our area they say that this is not the area for Yellow Sac Spiders. The two puncture marks from their fangs are visible. I have captured two of them. I am waiting for allergy testing. I am wondering if you have any ideas on how to deal with the itchy nasty bites? Should the hospital have a pest control coming in? I am concerned about  patients getting bit. Occupational nurse says that yellow sac spiders do not habitat in the Niagara Region.

I am somewhat at a loss here Linda since I have not see this spider. I believe that being bitten 17 times by spiders in very unusual. Being bitten once by a North American spider is uncommon. Since you work in a hospital you should have a dermatologist examine the bites if you have not done so. Sac spiders are not common in New York and a lot of them is unlikely.
At is point you have a medical problem rather then a spider problem. I am not an MD and cannot give Medical advice but you are surrounded by Doctors.
I do not know if your hospital hires exterminators. personally I would not trust them spraying toxins around in a hospital. All buildings have spiders and they cannot get rid of them anyway

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