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It or Them?
It or Them?  
I was changing out flower pots on my front porch and noticed this "thing" under my front porch window, which is securely attached to the outside wall.  I live in Northern California, about 50 miles east of San Francisco as the crow flies, along the California Delta waterway system in Contra Costa County.  I will try to attach 2 photos to give you a perspective.  Thanks!

Hello Mary,

You definitely have a mud dwelling. That hole is where the inhabitants go in and out. Do you see anything going in and out? It could be one of a number of insects.

If I were you, I would take care of it. Get some wasp/bee spray in case they are wasps. This is usually a very potent spray that can be sprayed from far away from the hive and will kill most insects. Raid makes a good one. Stand pretty far back and cover the dwelling in spray. Then wait a while and spray again. Try to stay far away in case they are wasps. When the dwelling has been thoroughly saturated and there are no longer any angry insects around, you can clean up the mud with water from a hose (again, try to do this from a distance).

It is possible that what is living inside are not wasps, but I think it is better to be safe than sorry. If you want to wait and observe for a few days before you spray, you may get a better idea of what is living inside. Let me know if you figure out what is living inside!


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