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I recently moved into an apartment in an older building and early on noticed one or two of these bugs. As I've been here 2 and a half months, I've woken up with bites three times and have twice seen one of these bugs on my bed (pictured in zip lock bag). I've also seen 3 in the bathroom. I know they aren't bed bugs. They are red brown in color, have a very round back body that's hard enough to make an audible popping noise when squished.  

What are these, could they be biting, are they dangerous and what should I do to get rid of them?

Hi Katie
Identifying insects from photos like these is not easy because I cannot see details. From the shape I can narrow these down to two possibilities. Spider beetles and an immature member of the True Bug group Since spider beetles cannot bite I am inclined to the True Bugs (Hemiptera) that can bite. Then again. Just because you had bites and later saw bugs does not mean that these insects are the culprits.
 Either way this is not a dangerous insect (unless you consider bites dangerous. I assume you have had no lasting effects)
As to getting rid of them; At this point you have no large infestation so just killing them as you find them should do the trick. These are True Bugs they are intruders from the outside. Incase these are spider beetles check you dried foods in the kitchen. Spider beetles are pantry pests

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