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I started noticing these bugs in my bed, then I saw them in the bathroom, then in the kitchen, then all over the house, I called my pest guy and he came out and saw what I had bagged up, said they were a sort of flour beetle, that I had to find source, and they would go away, So I bagged up everything in the kitchen, been monitoring that for almost 2 weeks, nothing appearing in bags, bugs had disappeared, now they are back !! He says spraying wont help, because of eggs, and while he was here, he spent allot of time looking for nest, couldnt find it, says I have a weird case. I sucked up all the dead and crawling ones, disposed of them, was clear for a week, then POOF! Im getting ready to move, and I surely do not want to give these guys a ride, anywhere except for the morgue !!  HELP !!

Hi Mike
So an exterminator said they were some sort of a flour beetle. What kind of a flour beetle? Exterminators are supposed to know the different species. There are three or four different species and they do not have nests. If these are indeed flour beetles they breed in dried foods,flour and grains.
and will lay eggs in the cupboard someplace Empty your cupboards and look in all opened dried foods, flour and also pet foods. Discard any that show any trace of insects. If you have any cereals like oatmeal in paper or cardboard packages look for holes in the package.
Wipe out the cupboards and get a pyrethrum based spray or boric acid powder and spray it in all the cracks.
 If you can send me a photo of the beetle and I can tell you what it is.
 Don't waste any more money on your bug guy.  

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