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jumping insects in my house
jumping insects in my  
Hi I am a college student from Pennsylvania that took a job out inCharleston South carolina and am staying in Charleston in one of the local colleges dorms. I recently discovered these long, blackish/gray bugs on my window sill, bed, and walls that jump and are small. They don't really look like fleas and I don't open the window or have pets so I don't know how they would have gotten in. I have attached a picture of them. Can you help me identify what they are?

Jumping bugs in large numbers mean only one thing Julian. Springtails or Collembola. They appear in large numbers and disappear quickly. They feed on bacteria and fungus spores and are harmless. They are among the most numerous insects on Earth and appear on every continent.
The appear to be getting in under the window and I will bet the outside of your window is covered with them. Mop up those you have and rub a bar of soap in the sill and into the window crack.

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