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Floras Lake wasp
Floras Lake wasp  

Do you recognize this species? Photo taken mid-June, near Floras Lake south of Bandon, mid-morning. Many flying at ground level around nest opening. Not very aggressive.


Jack DeAngelis


The creature in your image is a sand wasp in the genus Bembix , probably Bembix americana comata .  Please consider submitting your image to Bugguide.net, as there is not yet an Oregon record of this species on that website.

Sand wasps are solitary, each female digging her own nest burrow in sand.  Many individual wasps may nest in the same *area*, but they are not social.

The female wasp captures and kills flies which she feeds progressively to her larval offspring, much like birds do with their young.

Sand wasps are not aggressive, and while they *can* sting (females only, males do not have stingers), they will not do so unless stepped on or handled carelessly.  They are so alert and fly so fast, good luck getting close enough to get stung :-)


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