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What type of insect is it it flies at night about 20 to 30 feet high very fast and in fairly large groups it looks like a dragon fly after my son was born i went outside to see an animal there was nothing i waited still nothing i looked up and there was a bunch of these things later i noticed on my sons neck and right wrist he has faint birth marks that look like the wings of a dragon fly when we were able to bring him home 3 days later at night a dragon fly had gotten in our house i really want to know what type of insect it is please help i am poor and out of work now so im sorry i wont be able to pay unless its a small amount

First of all Eric you should know that allexperts is a free service. Donations are accepted but not required.
I am somewhat confused by your question. The insects you mention do not fit any that I am aware of and since I cannot see one I cannot identify it. If you are thinking about some sort of connection between these insects and your child's birthmarks I cannot speak to that.
I can tell that dragonflies do not fly at night and never in groups

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