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on bed
on bed  

out of skin
out of skin  
I dont know what they are or how to get rid of them I am in the uk and these things are so tiny only I can see them anf they seem to burrow into my skin and are attracted to co2 and food I have a few pics and would really appreciate any help these things have forced me to have my little girl living with my mum and are ruin my relationship and life please please help. They seem to be attracted to blood as well and doctors wont listen and have labled me mad but even tho a nurse has asked a doc to look at me because  something is clearly wrong they refuse to examan me and these are also in little girls ears x


The insect appears to be a dehydrated mosquito or similar gnat, midge-like fly. The other picture looks like a skin secretion such as sebaceous wax. There are no insects or mites that do what you describe. Most often these symptoms are associated with anxiety and/or allergies but these are medical issues. Your best option is to continue working with the medical professionals that you trust.

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