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I'm writing a science fiction book, as you will see by my questions. Could you help me?
How far north is the range for the Ichneumonidae wasp? Can they be "farmed" so that they are available for use on demand? Has there been any research done about the larva (which devour their hosts as they grow) devouring human tissue? Could the wasp eggs be engineered so that they would consume a particular kind of human tissue? My temporary premise is that the eggs of the wasps, which have been engineered to destroy human plaque lodged in arteries, are injected into a humans and used to "cleanse" the affected area. I know it's crazy sounding, but this has really intrigued me. Thank you for any help you can give me with answers or directing me to resources.

Hi Rebbie
I have had a lot of writers question me before about SciFi topics. The nice thing about sci-fi is that it does not have to be absolutely factual. I ftoo far out it becomes fantasy. You are concerned about parasitic wasps. I can tell you the facts about the Ichneumonidae and then you can do what you want with the information.
There are between 40,000 and 100,000 species of these wasps. The wide range is because there are many species not discovered. Ichneumons are found worldwide in temperate and tropical climates. Just about any insect can be farmed but including wasps. The maggots prey mainly on caterpillars. I am unaware of any studies involving wasp larvae and human tissues Ichneumon wasps do not attack humans.
Genetic engineering insects is in its infancy. I suppose inserting a gene into a wasp egg could be done.  The human body produce college to help in reducing plaque.
 Injecting wasp eggs to reduce plaque seems quite improbable but this is scifi so you are on your own

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