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Hello my name is Laura and I found this strange bug that I am trying to identify. It has a white, skull shaped head with no apparent eyes and no antenna. It has a defined neck, but no waist. It has 6 long stripped legs and what looks like thorns or spikes going down its spin and around its end. It looks like it has 4 very small underdeveloped wings, but I'm not sure and it also has one hook on each foot. I've attached an image of the bug.

Hi Laura
This is indeed bizarre. A head like a skull but insects do not have skulls and this is indeed an insect. It looks like an immature Jerusalem cricket but they do not have wings. It
looks dead. Can you give me a bit more information. Is it now alive and alive when you found it.  How big is it. I have no idea from the photo.
I am almost sure it is an immature cricket of some kind but the head baffles me

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