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I have been bit by a insect several times in my flower gardens and each time I swell (very badly).  Three different times I have gotten bit around my eyes and they swell shut and I have also gotten bitten on the hand and it swelled so bad I thought I was going to have to cut my rings off.  These bugs are very tiny black bugs about the size of a gnat.  The bites don't itch but my skin burns around the area of the bite.  Do you know what this might be and how I can treat the bites and maybe prevent them?  The last time I got bit I had OFF on and had safety glasses on.

Hi Carol
I believe this is a medical problem rather then a bug problem with an allergic reaction from a bite. I know of no small insects that normally cause a reaction like this. Even if I could tell what the insect is it would not solve the problem. I am not a physician and cannot give medical advice. You should consider consulting a Dermatologist

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