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I have been seeing small black spiders in and around my bed at night and early mornings. I have read and assume that they are not biting me or purposelycoming to me while I sleep. But both me and my husband have found bites on our torsos and near our heads which do not resemble any photos of other insect bites such as mites fleas or bed bugs. Several times in the past few days we have been awoken to the little spiders on our face or neck. We are trying to determine the species and what to do to repel them. Hers what we have learned so far
-they run extremely fast
-they have odd looking forefeet?  Don't know what the very front legs are called. But they have somewhat of a round ball at the tips.
-they are never seen during the day
-they seem just fine climbing in our beds and onto our faces.
I know these are spiders because they have 8 legs and eyes on top of their head. Also they are not more than a quarter inch long. Please give us some insight. Thanks!

Hi Crystalyn
I have never heard of spiders behaving in this fashion. Spiders bite only in defense and in killing insect for for. Biting sleeping people offers no advantage for them. If you want me to identify them you will have to send me a photo although this will not sole the problem. You might also consult a dermatologist regarding the bite. Some spiders have allergens in the bristles and you be having allergic reactions.

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