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Thank you Jack for your help in the past.  Here's my latest idea and question.

I have learned a lot about many insects (life cycle, breeding habits, etc) in order to remove them from my home without pesticides because I raise birds.  I am now retired and am moving to my own rural home in Michigan.  I'm always looking for ways to provide extra income and wondered if there is a market for breeding insects, and if so, what kind would that be and who would you sell them to.  Thank you for your help.  We'll be raising chickens, rabbits, cockatiels, mushrooms, lots of different animals and gardening.


Rearing insects such as tenebrio larvae (mealworms) for use as pet food may be the easiest if you can find a local market such as a pet store. They are fairly easy to rear but like any "livestock" are subject to diseases and parasites.

Good luck and enjoy retirement.

Jack DeAngelis

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