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Hello sir,
I live in a suburb of Athens Greece. It is a densely populated area, but my house has a yard with big trees and there is a park near my neighborhood. I keep my house clean and I have never seen any bedbugs, and very rarely cockroaches (and when I find a roach, is usually dead, as I spray precautionary once a year at proper places all over the house with products as RAID, Baygon, etc.). The only insects I see often, are some kinds of spiders and wasps, but they are not annoying to me.
Last 4-5 years I find these very small, dark brown bugs (that not only crawl but fly as well!) inside some of my kitchen cabinets and drawers where I keep food (not in the open, but well preserved inside cans or other packaging). This happens not only in summer, but in all seasons, even winter.
Now there are dozens of them on my window curtains. I tried to spray the drapes and the window frame with cockroach killing products, but every day I find new bugs. Can you help me identifying what are these insects and how can I get rid of them?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Kelly
These appear to me to be a pantry pest called a Drugstore beetle or cigarette beetle. They are breeding someplace in your cupboards or perhaps in pet foods if you have any.I know you have secured your food products but they must be in there someplace. Empty your cupboards and check everything that is in cardboard. Wipe the cupboards and spray a Pyrethrum based spray, diatomaceous earth or boric acid powder in the cracks. The spray is better because there may be eggs in there. Pyrethrum is a safe natural insecticide.
Vacuum up all adult beetles immediately when they appear to stop the breeding cycle. Let me know how this works out

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