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QUESTION: ok, i'm sitting at my desk and this itsy bitsy teeny tiny beetle  flies up my light and then falls on my  desk.  sorry i can't take a picture, my camra's gone dead... but i tried to draw a some what  good interpretation.it's black and white or and off colored white. and it's markings are like a sketched affect and blotched white and  black. it's  really tiny.. tinier then a thimble head and the only way you can see any markings is in bright light or a negative lenze that magnifies things to eight times. it has a habit of flipping over and staying still for a long time. if you know what it is...  pleas do send me word. thanks for your time and have a nice day.

ANSWER: Hi Feenie
There are over a million species of beetles in the world and many of them are small and black and white. The shape reminds me of a flower beetle that was unfortunate enough to enter your world

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top of the beetle
top of the beetle  

bottom of the beetle
bottom of the beetle  
QUESTION: Hey Sir Hintz,

I should have waited. i finally got the batteries working in my camera. Though the pictures aren't much better cause the thing is so tiny. it reminds me of a lady bug.. only tinier and totally different pattern. i don't think i should keep it in the tube much longer. just see if i could take a decent picture.. oh yeah.. it moves pretty fast for a tiny bug. just thought you'd like to see a pic. well i'm going to go set it outside now that i have time. oh yeah, i live in Connecticut. if that helps. take care.


Hi Feenie
The photo is kind of dark but from the top view I believe this Anthrenus verbasci the Varied Carpet Beetle. You probably have more of them. They can become pantry pests. Check your dried foods in the kitchen. Also look for larvae or their skins. Google carpet beetles and see if this is what you have.

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