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For the past two nights one room in the house has been invaded by small ant-like flying insects.  Segmented body and two pairs of wings, front ones larger so I don't think they are termites (hopefully). House is only five years old. I vacuumed up a huge amount of dead ones behind a couch today but tonight (1AM) I see a few more attracted to the light in the room..I can't see where they are coming in from.  Could they be termites and what should I do?  I lived next door for several years and a this happened a few times there, also. Not every year, however. Any advice?


These sound more like winged ants than termites based on size. If you post a picture I could confirm. There are a number of very small ants that nest in homes and these nests can release winged ants into rooms. Large nests require specialized baits for control (see In this case the newer commercial baits will work much better than those based on boric acid.

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