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QUESTION: Recently a insect has been found in my sisters leg after it started to itch. After putting it under the microscope I compared it to a tick and it somewhat examines one. But it also looks different on several parts. It has an oval-teardrop body, and seems like it should have 8 legs, but only 7 are seen. It has a three pronged head of which seems unusual. I would have thought the middle one to be a limb, but it looks natural to the head and is spaced evenly. Head looks like a irregular pentagon. Colored grey(numerous shades), black, and has reflective flecks of a reddish-orange color. I was planning to send a photo, but taking pictures in a microscope is difficult. If you have any questions about detail or body just ask.

It well could be tick. From the small size and the fact that you are in Ohio it could be deer tick. Though common in Pennsylvania they can occur in NW Ohio. Was there a bite? I so your sister should see a doctor as deer ticks can spread Lyme Disease. Where do you live? If in Western or Southern Ohio it was probably something else, possibly a mite.
I live near Cleveland

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QUESTION: The insect was found in my sisters skin, so I assume it was a bite. As of now, now ring has appeared around it. I live in NE Ohio, but just came from Vermont. Are there any other possibilities? The images that I've seen of Deer ticks don't have a three pronged head.

If it had more then six legs we can rule out an insect. Nothing has 7 legs so it had to be a arachnid. They only other possibly other then a tick is a Chigger ( an immature mite) This would account for the itching. If her leg is still itching it could be a chigger bite. Chiggers are red or orange

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