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Tiny bug
Tiny bug  
Hi we have these teeny tiny bugs (about the size if a sesame seed)living in our house and no matter what I do I cannot seem to get rid of them. I vaccume daily (even along baseboards tops/bottoms) tried premiyherin,bleach ,lavender oil etc, but they still come back. They r mostly in bathroom and hall and on just one part of the wall (next to door)in 2 downstairs bedrooms. I find a few nearly every day. We live in Ireland so it is damp outside alot of the time but our house is new and we have no indoor problems with dampness it's been just about a year now and I'm getting to my wits end nothing seems to get rid of these i woukd like to know first what they are and second how to get rid they don't fly and I don't think they bite but I hate creepy crawlers and just want them gone


I can't see much detail in the image but from your description I think these are psocids, also called booklice. They are not related to true lice and do not bite. They instead feed on mold and organic debris. They were once common in musty, old libraries hence the common name. They are completely harmless but may indicate a moisture/mold problem so check carefully for these issues. No treatment is needed unless moisture is found.

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