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Hello I was working at a cycling event in California, in the eastern sierra at an elevation of 8000" it is an arid area, the two closest towns were Lee Vining and June Lake just to give you a demographic profile. I was at the location for 9 hours working and was bitten all over my body on my head under my hair all over my entire exposed body area by tiny flying insects. Every bite left swollen welts on my body, some of the bites appeared hours after I got home. My eye was bitten and had  so I applied ice to it to relieve the swelling. They did not affect my husband. could you tell me what they were, Thanks


Please read the entire answer here, because I eventually give you a possible suspect "bug;" and believe me when I tell you that I am not insensitive to your experience, unsympathetic to your pain, or trying to be unhelpful, but.....

I explicitly state in my profile "No 'what bit me?' questions, please."  This is why:  Only rarely do I have someone submit an image of the creature they witnessed biting them.  Without evidence of *that* sort, I can't be of much help.  Images of the "bites" themselves are of no help, either, because welts and such can be caused by any number of things other than insects or spiders.  At that point it is a medical question, not an entomology question. the elevation you describe, you were probably attacked by black flies, family Simuliidae.  They are rarely found far from fast-flowing streams, however, because in the larval stage they are aquatic filter-feeders that anchor themselves to submerged stones.  Here's more about black flies:

I do hope you recover quickly, with minimum complications.  


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