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I notice on my inside window ledges (which are painted white) there are lots of tiny black bugs.  I looked with a magnifying glass and saw some are alive (some dead and upside down)and they look (to the normal eye) like small sprinkles of pepper or smaller.   I live in Petaluma, CA.   Who could tell me what these bugs are?   Should I be concerned about the house, etc?  How can I find out exactly what these bugs are?

Hi Jerry
Lots of small bugs on windowsills usually means only one thing: mites. They are entering from the outside and getting under the window. My solution for this is quite simple. Wipe up all the mites you see and then take a bar of soap and rub it on the sills and into the window crack. Mites do not like soap. Look at the outside of the house. It may be covered with mites. If so hose them off. If you have an empty birds nest near the window, remove it. It could be the source

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