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Hello Walter,

About a week and a half ago, I went to the toilet, and as I was standing, about 3-5 white spiders not bigger than 6mm started floating in front of my face.
as an Arachnophobic person, it scared the hell out of me.
I haven't entered the bathroom (it's in the same room as the toilet) for a couple days, and as I decided to check what's going on there, I opened the door, and I saw lots of them on the ceiling, and I mean like, over 30 in each place (shower, toilet) and some flying.
all are white and little, how do I deal with them and remove them? I can't enter this place while they are there, they are just everywhere!

A female spider has laid an egg sac somewhere in the bathroom. There can be a couple of hundred eggs in one eggsac. The small spiders are harmless. They will soon start spreading around and begin to die off. Vacuum them up and forget about it. It is a buggy world and therefore a spidery world. There are many more things to be afraid of like people carrying guns.

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