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My basement has had flooding issues for a while - we are still trying to fix it; however, lots of my pets are in the basement and we have discovered that there are a large amount of bugs that look similar to a flea that enjoy hopping all over my basement floor in the moist/wet areas.  My pets aren't scratching nor am I, so I know it's not fleas.  What kind of bugs are these and how can I rid of them.  Also, how can I rid of maggots that are starting to find their way into the ferret cage (near litter or moist food).

Hi Laura
 Small jumping bugs in wet conditions are almost always Collembola or Springtails. Once you dry things up they will be gone. Meanwhile they feed on fungus spores and bacteria. If maggots are in the cage then flies are laying eggs there. Clean everything out of the cage including the food

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