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Here\'s the bug in my cup
Here's the bug in my c  
Hi.  So today I had a drink (monster energy) and I pored it into a cup before I left.  I came back a few hours later.  I had a bag over my drink because my dad hates it when I drink entergy drinks (I'm 13 by the way) anyway I took the bag off the cup to see a (what I thought was a little bug) I thought It was a fly so I tryed grabbing it out but I accidentally knocked it my drink and it started swimming around.  I looked at it more closly and saw it had a long body and a little head with three legs on each side.  It played dead a few times.  And then it started getting fatter.  I was so nervous around it about an hour later I gathed up the cup and dumped it in the toilet and the bug was swimming around (again) and I nodiced that it's body was a shade of red...I don't know what it is and I'm freaking out.  It would be great if you could awnser this question :) thank you for your time.

sorry - can't identify it from the photo.  With 3 legs on each side, it's an insect for sure.  If you send a sketch or good photo I may be able to ID it.  Most insects have a very slow metabolism and can live for a long time sitting on top of a cup of water or other liquid.  

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