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We have hundreds of tiny oval gray bugs (with antenna) on our deck and in the rock gardens.  We don't think they are spring tails because they are tiny smaller than a pin head and some as small as a pin point.  I have tried several types of insecticides to keep them away but none seem to work.  We have sprayed home defense and one brand with deltamethrin.  They come right through the screens on our windows since they are so small.  Any idea what these could be and what we can do to get  rid of them?  We live in Minnesota and only see them in  the spring and summer.  They hide when the full sun is out, but come out again in the shade.

If they are not jumping they are most likely spider mites.Spaying insecticides out or doors is a waste of time and money.  It is buggy world outside and we cannot control insects there. Just hose them off. Inside vacuum them up and use a spray on the screens. Deltemethrin is a synthetic Pyrethrin. I would not use it. Get a spray with a pyrethrum base
And as I tell everybody with bug problems keep away from exterminators

Entomology (Study of Bugs)

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