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outdoor pests inside.
outdoor pests inside.  
I recently moved to KS from florida. I never experienced chiggers and each summer i am covered with red vicious  welts that last for weeks. They obviously come inside and live for a while inside the apt and bit me while I sleep.  The exterminator put thsi trap under the bed. Are these teeny tiny specks the hated chigger?

Hi Tony
I cannot tell what is causing this problem but I can tell you these are not chiggers. Chiggers are larval spider mites and clover mites. You get them from tall grasses and bushes. They do not enter houses and bite sleeping people. The photo you sent looks like a True Bug larva, but I cannot be sure from the picture.
Exterminators as usual rarely solve problems. When bites become serious as you have it becomes a Medical and you can best get some answers from a Dermatologist. They can identify bites and rule out other causes for this rash

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