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Oscar the dragonfly
Oscar the dragonfly  
Good Evening, I'm hoping you can identify this guy (sorry pic is a little blurry).  I have named him Oscar.  He is the most awesome bug ever.  Every time we go out by our pool, he comes to me.  Usually he will perch on my toe.  Today I did not sit down right away and had to do some cleaning of the pool, and he perched on the pole, like he was helping me.  He often chases other bugs away from me, especially the wasps.  

I read the some dragonflies migrate and could return each year.  I'm not sure if he does, but I had another (that looks just like Oscar) last year that did the same thing.  Oscar will even come when called (but that could be just coincidence, but makes a great party trick).

Anything you can tell me about him I would appreciate.  Also why does he sometimes sit on me with his butt in the air? His that him collecting solar energy?

Thank you so much!!!

Hi Jenni
Good for you.  Most people would freak out if a dragonfly landed on them. Identifying dragon fly species requires a microscopic examination of the patterns of wing vanes but i feel sure that this the Blue Dasher a skimmer dragonfly with the scientific name, Pachydiplix longipennis.
I realize it is nice to think that Oscar comes around because he likes you, enjoys your company ,and even wants to protect you from bugs but I must listen to the voice of reason here and offer a scientific explanation for the friendly behavior of Oscar. It is possible there is some chemical component about you that mimics a pheromone that attracts Oscar. Perhaps the scent of a soap or something on your clothes. I have the choice of two explanations. Either this insect has developed an affinity for you or there external hormone involved, I choose the latter.
 Bees and wasps and other insects avoid Dragonflies. They are the lions of the airways
 Now the sad news. Enjoy Oscar while you can. The life span of dragonflies is about two months

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