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My house is infested with fungus gnats. I was told by a pest control company it was fungus gnats. I do not have any house plants but did have a leak in my hot water heater that is currently fixed. I have bombed my house at least 50 times and two companies come and spray but it only makes it worse. I find little whitish yellowish eggs on my ceiling and late at night its like its raining bugs in my house. Not all my friends that have been in my house even notice the bugs which is crazy to me. I can see them and some of the people who have been over can but not everyone. The ones who cant see them say they can feel them when its raining bugs on their arms and face. My cats have been affected by them, they seem to really bother them. Ive had them checked for fleas but they don't have fleas but are losing hair in spots. Could the pest control people be wrong? I have found many tiny fungus gnat bodies but also quite a bit of very tiny black specs that resemble flea dirt that lands on my arms and legs mostly. I will attach a picture of both. Please help me. Ive removed my carpeting and all my furniture from the house and am ready the burn it down...figuratively speaking and joking but I want to. help

Hi Cristin
There are a number of things to consider here and I am not sure what I can do to help you since I am not there to observe. The photos are not clear enough to identify other then that these are flies of some kind. I am sure however that these are not Fungus Gnats. Fungus do not invade houses unless there are house plants where they breed and they definitely do not infect cats. The exterminators have not solved the problem and I am not surprised because most of them cannot tell one insect from another.
I cannot explain eggs on the ceiling. Flies do not lay eggs on ceilings and why you can see flies and others cannot I also cannot explain. There are obviously bugs because you sent me photos. I was thinking that when somebody starts talking about bugs we start to itch when there are no bugs. In your case there bugs but not always. Perhaps this is why you feel them when visitor do not.
You will not be able to get rid of them until you find the source. Can they  be getting in from the outside. Flies lay eggs on their food source. Check your cat foods.
 I wish I could help you more. If you could get clear  photo of a dead bug it would help.
 Stop bringing in pest control people. They are not solving anything and are spreading toxins around. This may be why the cats are shedding.
 Keep me informed and stop removing furniture and carpet. Flies do not breed in carpets.

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