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i saw an insect that was like no other i have ever heard of or seen....it was about an inch and a half long ....a real small round head with two antennas sticking out ...from the end of these antennas a beam ,green, projected out toward what the insect was looking at ...each one worked independitly .....it could look in deferent directions at the same time....the ray from the end of the antenna was a pin point and got larger the further away the object was...absolutly amasing ...i was so interested in the rays from the antenna ,that dont recall what the body looked like......what was it?

That is a very fascinating description, Larry. I wish I had seen on as well. I am going to hazard  a few guesses from your observations. The most common insects with prominent "lobes" on antennae are Owl-flies. Did it have wings? Was the body structure similar to dragonflies? It may resemble eyes, but they are not.

An insect with prominent eye stalks are Stalk-eyed flies, however their eyes do not move independently. No other insect has such prominent stalked eyes as you describe. It could, on the other hand, be the antennae, which are also used as "feelers".

Could you provide more info if possible?

I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help.


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