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I'm sorry if this is a bit of an odd question, but do female Ironclads (like, say, Zopherus nodulosus haldemani) have ovipositors?
Because I had seen a picture with one, and for a moment or two I had assumed it had an ovipositor, but then I had read that it was an insect pin and... well, yes, I felt pretty embarrassed assuming it was an actual part of the bug. I'm not particularly the brightest crayon in the box, after all.
But eventually the question came to me: DO they have ovipositors? I've heard some beetles have ovipositors, particularly for laying eggs in/on bark. I've read that Ironclads also lay eggs on bark, but I'm not particularly sure if they have an ovipositor, or not?

Hi Saen
 IT seems you may be referring to the long ovipositors of certain beetles like that of the Broad Necked root borer or Ichneumon wasps. All insects have ovipositors of some kind and not all extend beyond the Elytra.The ovipositors of the Hymenoptera are also used as stingers.
I am not too acquainted with the Genus Zopherus because there are only ten species of this Genus in the US and they are in Texas and California and I am in Ohio. I would love to see a living Z. haldimani. I do know however, that they do have a retractable ovipositor and lay eggs in the crevices of bark.

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