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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/little black bugs in my kitchen cabinets and sticks to clothes


QUESTION: are thes bed bugs and can you send me a picture of how big they get? i need to know what to do this is grossing me out!

They are not bedbugs. Bedbugs do not get into kitchen cabinets. I cannot tell exactly what they are without a photo but my guess is that they are pantry pest beetles. You will have to clean out the cupboards and look in all cereals and other dried foods and flour. Empty the cupboards and wipe them out and then get some boric acid powder and spray it into the cracks. If you have pet foods look there also. They are adult beetles and will not get bigger. Send me a photo because they could be spider beetles of weevils.
Stop grossing out. If these were bedbugs you would be bitten . These beetles can not hurt you. They can  only steal your food

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QUESTION: HI Thanks for answering my question. I do think  it sounds like what you siad spider beetles.I have never seen them till now.They  are very tiny and move slow. I sent you a picture but its very close up and a little blurry.  wHERE DO THEY COME FROM AND WHY ARE THEY HERE! BUT MOST IMPORTANT HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM. I CLEANED OUT SOME OF MY CABINETS AND ONE HAD THESE BUGS SO I THREW EVERYTHING OUT AND VACUMED AND SPRAID INSECT KILLER!I DID FIND ONE SPIDER WHO LOOKED PREGNANT SO I MURDRERD HER WITH PLEASURE LOL! PLEASE WRITE BACK ASAP!

I still did not get a photo so I cannot tell you exactly what they are. Spider beetles have a round shiny abdomen and look like small spiders. If you cleaned out the cupboards you may have solved the problem. Let me know if you still have them.
 Female spiders are always pregnant.

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