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Tiny thin bug that bites
Tiny thin bug that bit  
My daughter just moved (via rental truck w/pads) from NJ to MO and after 2nd night sleep on mattress on the floor she has bug bites (small red not very itchy).  Her father helped move in furniture and also has many bug bites on inner arm.  Daughter found 2 very small, thin brown bugs crawling on her pillow this evening before bed and took the best picture she could (see attached). Can you identify the bug, and give advice to rid the apt. please?
Thank you, Terri (the mom)


I can't see this clearly enough through the plastic to id. However, there are very few insects that bite (see and none of those that do have this general shape. My guess is the skin rash may be caused by something other than an insect. If you can get a clearer picture I'd be glad to take another look.

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