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Spider - Crete
Spider - Crete  
QUESTION: I saw this spider on a wall on the island of Crete, Greece in June 2013.  It was approx 7-8cm wide (body and legs) with banded legs (it was missing one leg).  I'd be grateful if you could identify what type of spider it is.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Allison
I believe this s a jumping spider of the Genus Mememerus

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QUESTION: I've had a look at images of jumping spiders and I'm afraid I can't see a resemblence.  It seems that jumping spiders are 23mm at their largest, whereas the spider I saw was around 7cm.  It looks similar to an American fishing spider but the markings on its back are different. I would be grateful for any further thoughts. Regards, Alison.

You are correct Allison. I did not pay attention to the size. There are members of the Genus Mememerus that have but are not this big the same striped legs and body pattern. This an unusual pattern and abdomen shape for a fishing spider but the size and stripes suggest that it may be

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