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I live in S. California (Los Angeles for easy reference).  Attached are two photos of spiders we get at my work (wastewater treatment plant), seasonally.  They show up around the end of Spring/beginning of summer, right about the time the swallows return.  They disappear around the beginning of Fall  The place is infested with them!!  

I was hoping you might be able to identify them, and more importantly, advise if I need to be leery of them?  

I realize most spiders would rather go unnoticed and undisturbed, and just left alone, but do to the amount of them, it's inevitable I will have one crawling up a pant leg sooner or later.

If bit, does one require medical attention?

I thank you in advance for any light you can shed on them.


Nice images of the Western Spotted Orbweaver, Neoscona oaxacensis .  No, they are not the least bit dangerous.  Here is more information in a blog post I wrote about them:


Note that the species is quite variable in color and pattern.


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