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While hiking an edge of a 2-yr old clearcut in Potter Co, PA on July 6, 2013; was stung in the leg by something I did not see.  Looking down could not identify any ground nest.  Person behind me (because I didn't see anything) continued and also got stung.  Looking a little more carefully, saw what appeared to be 2 all black "vespids" hovering within inches of ground.  Immediately, an all black insect (roughly 3/4" in length w/ large black wings) landed on my arm and stung.  This insect is extremely fast, as I could only make out color and rough outline.  I've been in these woods for over 30 years and have never encountered these bugs.  I've also been stung by several types of insects over the years, but none quite as painful (or invisible).  Would love to know more


The term vespid refers to social wasps in the family Vespidae such as yellowjackets. Not all stinging wasps are vespids. In fact most wasps are not in this family and many of these can and do sting. The vespids have large nests that are aggressively defended by workers so are most often the ones that people have bad encounters with (see If you can get a picture I may be able to narrow down what you encountered. There are some all black vespids but there are many non-vespids that are all black as well, such as this one Sorry I can't be more specific without a picture.

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