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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/tailless sphynx moth caterpillar


QUESTION: What species is tailless?
and otherwise is similar to many other sphynces :
green, long, hairless

ANSWER: The Most common ones belong to the Genus Pandorus. These caterpillars are brown or reddish with large eye spots. The white Lined caterpillar also lacks a spine

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QUESTION: Ok, none green.  
Then what other green long hairless caterpillars look distinctively sphinx in every respect except tail?

ANSWER: I mentioned the White lined caterpillar and in addition the Clearwing or Hummingbird moth caterpillars have no spine

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QUESTION: All those have tails.

I am coming to think that my caterpillar either is mutant,
or experienced a tailectomy early in life.

Oh, just now I see a link "Attach an Image",
so, here it goes.

With or without a spike this a sphinx moth and it looks like Hemaris diffinis the Bumblebee moth. Why don't you put put it in a closed container with some leaves and let complete its metamorphosis and see if it is a Clearwing. Look up Hemaris
 After all Natural selection tells that variation occurs in all living things

I spent at least two hours searching for this caterpillar and you give a three rating and tell me I need better observational skills. I am the top rated expert at Allexperts in entomology and I do not need your advice. In the future Q anything I receive from you will be rejected

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