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I live in the central west coast of Florida.
And there are tiny round black bugs with wings in the bathroom. They're about the size of a pinhead, and are not fungus gnats, as I know what those look like. I notice them when I take a bath, they turn up floating in the water. Tonight, I saw one walking across the counter. I thought perhaps they come from me, but eh... the only place they could be is on my head, and I haven't seen any in my hairbrush.


Your description fits all manner of insects, so I cannot give you a proper answer, I'm sorry.

Florida also has far more diversity of insects than most other places in the USA, so location actually complicates things.

Take specimens (intact!) to a local entomologist at a museum, university, state department of agriculture, or even public health department.  He or she can then put the critters under a microscope and render a proper ID.


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